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Parenting Comes in Seasons

Blessings and Motherhood is a podcast for moms at all stages of the parenting journey. Find encouragement in Scripture, embrace comfort in community, and welcome laughter in these honest conversations about navigating the ups and downs of motherhood—because we believe you can hold tissues and confetti at the same time.

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Understanding God’s Heart for Israel

About the Episode

In this episode of “Blessings and Motherhood,” Delise and Ginny continue their talk with Sarah, focusing on faith, parenting, and combating anti-Semitism. Sarah discusses educating children on Jewish culture and challenges Christian replacement theory, offering insights on creating a more inclusive future. This part deepens the first episode’s discussion, emphasizing faith’s role in understanding and addressing social issues.

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Meet Your Hosts

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Delise Germond

Delise lives with her husband Evan and their son Elliott (Leo) on a North Carolina mini-farm. She enjoys musical theater, thoughtful conversations, gardening, exploring new places, thrifting and antiquing, and, of course, playing with Leo and introducing him to new experiences (just look at that smile!). As cohost of Blessings and Motherhood, Delise’s prayer is that this show brings a breath of fresh air to moms in the thick of parenting and serves as a reminder of what matters most and who they are in Christ.

Ginny Tran

A proud mom of four littles, Ginny is the cohost of Blessings and Motherhood, a Classical Conversations Foundations Tutor, and the owner of a lovely bakery in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Her hobbies include baking (especially macarons), exercising, cooking dinner while listening to old-time classics, spending time at the lake with her kids and husband David, and enjoying the good vibes during the holiday season. Ginny loves everything about her local Classical Conversations community and is excited to share her stories, thoughts, and advice on the podcast!

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