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Episode 18: Kristel Acevedo

Talking to Teens with Kristel Acevedo

Kristel offers advice for parents on how to encourage teenage children to develop into who God made them to be as well as how to trust God when it feels like they are slipping away from that identity.

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Episode 14: Crystal Storey

Being a Prayer Warrior Mom with Crystal Storey

Crystal tells the incredible story of God calling her to become a “neighborhood mom,” stories of being a light to children in her area, and the miraculous story of God healing her daughter from life-threatening bacterial meningitis—a story that speaks to the power of lots and lots of prayer.

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Episode 11: Navigating a New Year with Purpose

Navigating a New Year with Purpose

Delise and Ginny talk about fresh starts, discussing everything from looking back in order to look forward, choosing a word to keep top of mind throughout the new year, and fanning into flame your family’s gifts.

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