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Becoming the Guardian of Your Home with Erika Kirk

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Erika Kirk
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About the Episode

Happy New Year! In this episode, Delise and Ginny talk with Erika Kirk, founder of Proclaim Streetwear and Biblein365, host of the Midweek Rise Up podcast, and an all-new mom to discuss how to make the home a safe refuge for one’s family and how to pursue God’s standards for motherhood. Erika talks through how to become the guardian of your home and walks through practical ways to transform your home into a place of rest for the family. Also, she discusses the importance of viewing motherhood as a privilege rather than a responsibility, tips for fostering digital mindfulness and a wholistic healthy lifestyle in the home, how to foster sacred relationships within your family amidst this crazy world, why you can never over-communicate with those you love, and the importance of not oversharing on social media and keeping some special pockets of your life private. Finally, Delise, Ginny, and Erika all share how they are slowing down in this season of their lives and listening to what God is teaching them. Be sure to stick around for Erika’s encouragement to moms at the end of this episode and be inspired to set this new year on the right path!

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