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Being a Prayer Warrior Mom with Crystal Storey

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Episode 14: Crystal Storey
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About the Episode

Do you know those moms, perhaps in your neighborhood growing up or where you live now, whose houses were the gathering places for all the local kids? Crystal Storey is one of those moms, and she certainly has great stories to tell! In this conversation, Crystal tells the incredible story of God calling her to become a “neighborhood mom,” stories of being a light to children in her area, and the miraculous story of God healing her daughter from life-threatening bacterial meningitis—a story that speaks to the power of lots and lots of prayer. In addition, Crystal gets practical, offering tips for feeding a full house of hungry teenagers and for creating boundaries to make the home a welcoming but safe space. Plus, she shares a key piece of advice to aspiring neighborhood moms—to be real and authentic with kids.

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