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Creating Family Liturgies, How To Build A Strong Foundation with Michelle Oliver

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Episode 16: Michelle Oliver
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About the Episode

How can we lay a foundation in our homes for our children to stand upon and grow into mature adults who love to learn and love Jesus? In this episode, Michelle Oliver, the MA Program Academic Lead at Classical Conversations®, joins Delise and Ginny to talk about what building this strong foundation really looks like on a day-to-day basis. Michelle shares practical advice for moms balancing all the things, the importance of establishing “liturgies for the home,” how she guided her children in developing discernment, and the daily habits she practices to cultivate a healthy prayer life. Finally, she talks about her involvement in and love for the Master of Arts program with Classical Conversations Plus through Southeastern University, and why this is an excellent opportunity for Classical Conversations parents to learn the philosophy behind classical education, level up their homeschooling skills, and enjoy discussions and fellowship with like-minded individuals passionate about lifelong learning.


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