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Learning Together with Leigh Bortins

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Episode 12: Leigh Bortins
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About the Episode

Happy New Year! In our first episode of 2023, join Delise and Ginny as they sit down with Leigh Bortins, the founder of Classical Conversations®. As a mother of four adult boys and a grandmother of three littles, Leigh has years of experience in building strong and intentional family relationships. Be inspired by Leigh’s insights on parenting little ones versus adult children and her advice on fostering a love of learning in children at an early age. Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows—Leigh also describes how she must constantly remind herself of who she is in Christ during difficult times of motherhood. This conversation kicks off a new year of Blessings and Motherhood with a great start, and it’s one to put at the top of your queue!

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