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Managing the Mental Load with Chelly Barnard

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Chelly Barnard
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About the Episode

Say hello to Delise’s mom, Chelly Barnard! As a mother of four and homeschool parent of over twenty years, Chelly has a unique understanding of the mental load that mothers often bear. She brings a biblical perspective to those often-overwhelming feelings of responsibility, insecurity, and ever-shrinking time to get it all done. Chelly comes prepared with her best time management tips and the most helpful habits she has developed over the years as a mom that enable her to have a healthy relationship with her mental load. She discusses investing in a good planner, keeping analog lists of recipes and groceries, placing dry-erase boards around the house for jotting down quick notes and things to remember, delegating chores to the kids (sorry, Delise!), accepting that you won’t be able to get everything done on your list in one day, and turning to the Lord for guidance and comfort in bearing the mental load. Plus, Chelly tells how she was able to still have time for her hobbies during her busy seasons of parenting and homeschooling. Join us for this conversation packed with insights you won’t want to miss!

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