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Trusting God in the Midst of Loss w/ Melissa Jean Dimanche

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Melissa Jean Dimanche
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About the Episode

Welcome back to another episode! This month, Delise and Ginny chat with Melissa Dimanche, a musician and worship leader, pastor’s wife, and mother of two beautiful children. During their conversation, Melissa talks about the importance of embracing one another in community just for who we are—both the neat and the messy—and doing life together. With Haitian-American ancestry, Melissa explores what it means to welcome diversity in both community and home, describing how she and her husband bring their ethnic backgrounds into their family and pointing out the dangers when parents “ignore” their children’s cultural heritage. Finally, Melissa speaks to topics she’s well equipped to discuss—how to choose joy amid suffering and the lessons learned from seasons of loss. All in all, this episode is another wide-ranging, thought-provoking, and, at times, emotional conversation we hope you enjoy as much as we do!


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