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Mother-Daughter Boundaries: Finding Balance and Connection Through the Years

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Episode 17: Mother-Daughter Boundaries
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About the Episode

For any mom seeking advice on how to navigate a parent-adult child relationship or needing encouragement during a season of struggle, we hope you find comfort in this month’s conversation of Blessings and Motherhood! In this episode, mom-daughter combo Julie Melendez and Lauren Clickner hop on the show to talk about how they have nurtured their relationship as parent and child over thirty-some years. In this conversation packed with insights and encouragement from both guests, Julie begins by shining a light on an often unspoken truth about motherhood: that this is a journey that just keeps getting better year after year, even as an empty nester! Together, Julie and Lauren discuss setting spoken boundaries and recognizing unstated ones, honoring one another as both parents and children, navigating all the roles that moms balance, and pouring into your child’s gifts and interests, all while generally reflecting on how their own relationship has transformed since Lauren was a child to now being a wife and mother herself. Bravely, Lauren also shares her story of going through a miscarriage early in her marriage and losing her first daughter, a tragedy she and her mom both dealt with in their own ways.

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