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Reclaiming Your Education with Heather Shirley

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Episode 9: Heather Shirley
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About the Episode

Homeschool moms can easily slip into compartmentalizing their lives into two roles—the teacher and the parent. However, learning and parenting aren’t boxes to be checked off but rather journeys to be lived intentionally and in harmony. In this conversation, Delise and Ginny sit down with Heather Shirley, a longtime homeschool mom and Classical Conversations leader, to explore how homeschool moms can live more integrated lives. They explore topics such as the biblical view and purpose of education, the meaning of being a ‘lead learner,’ and how parents can enhance the opportunity to reclaim their education. Plus, Heather shares some of her favorite resources that have kept her motivated and encouraged on her own homeschooling journey.

Resources Mentioned

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