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Movies Your Children Should Watch with Sam Sorbo

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About the Episode

Join Delise, Ginny, and Hollywood actress, writer, and podcaster Sam Sorbo on this episode of Blessings and Motherhood! Discover the backstory of Sam’s upcoming historical comedy, Miracle in East Texas, which tells the heartwarming true story about the biggest oil strike in the history of the United States, right at the dawn of the Great Depression. In this wide-ranging conversation, Sam shares about a homeschool curriculum she wrote to accompany the film, encouraging parents to learn from the story and not just be entertained. This curriculum (a free download, link in the show notes!) includes thought-provoking questions that prompt discussions and help families discover the period’s history and economics. Moviemaking aside, as a homeschool mom with Classical Conversations®, Sam explores in this episode the importance of what she calls “world-schooling”—enriching her children’s education by immersing them in a real location to discover its history, geography, and culture. She also shares valuable advice for new moms, what types of movies children ought to watch, why she’s changed her perspective on education since becoming a homeschool mom, how she’s finding moments of rest amidst her family’s busy lifestyle, how parents can foster open communication with their children, and her enduring fascination with forgiveness, even before she became a believer!

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