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Dear Santa… Please Check ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

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About the Episode

Should you tell your kids Santa isn’t real? While Ginny celebrates Santa with her children, Delise grew up in a household where she didn’t believe in Santa. Despite disagreeing, the two rely on the fifteen classical tools of learning to guide a friendly conversation weighing the pros and cons of Santa vs. no-Santa households. On the one side, Delise doesn’t want to lie to her son and wants to show him that the world is still full of wonder even if some of our cultural myths aren’t real. On the flip side, Ginny doesn’t view having her children believe in Santa as lying to them and instead encourages her children to seek out the truth about Santa when they are ready. In this discussion into one of the most widely controversial Christmas-themed debates, hear Delise and Ginny’s takes on whether children can believe in Santa without their parents lying to them, how to still make the celebration of the season about Jesus rather than Santa, and what the possible consequences are of telling your children that Santa isn’t real—like what if your children tell their friends? It’s not like Delise would know anything about that . . .  Join us for this fun Christmas conversation!

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