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Savoring Moments with Lisa Bailey

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Episode 15: Lisa Bailey
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About the Episode

It’s the ultimate crossover episode . . . Delise and Ginny are joined by CC legend and host of the Everyday Educator podcast Lisa Bailey! Lisa recently became a grandmother, so in this conversation, she chats about parenting versus grandparenting. As a parent, she was often so focused on doing everything right that she missed out on opportunities to enjoy the small, simple moments of her children just growing up. But now, as she is blessed with the chance to relive those moments with her grandson, she can be more present and treasure every minute. Of course, with the much-anticipated release of Scribblers at Home: Recipes from Lifelong Learning, Lisa also talks about her involvement in creating this new Classical Conversations® resource and what it really means to play intentionally with our children. Finally, she shares some practical tips for setting boundaries as a parent and emphasizes the importance of asking our children questions instead of rushing in to give them the answers. As you listen, we hope Lisa’s wisdom and joy shines through this conversation and leaves you inspired and uplifted!

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