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Talking to Teens with Kristel Acevedo

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Episode 18: Kristel Acevedo
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About the Episode

Is there anything to be hopeful about in the next generation of Christians? In this episode, Delise and Ginny sit down with Kristel Acevedo to talk about teen ministry and discipleship. Kristel is the Spiritual Formation Director at Transformation Church in South Carolina and co-author of the book 3 Big Questions That Shape Your Future. Her radiant passion for teen ministry and contagious hope for the future of the next generation of Christians shine through in this conversation as she offers insights and encouragement to all parents, not just those with teenage children in the home! Of course, one of the biggest challenges faced by teenagers is figuring out who they are. With so many voices in our culture telling teens who they should be, Kristel offers some advice for parents on how to encourage teenage children to develop into who God made them to be as well as how to trust God when it feels like they are slipping away from that identity. Kristel also shares a bit of her personal journey, explaining why she really struggled to accept her identity in Christ and bringing to light why it is so important that Christians embrace their ethnic and cultural heritages as part of their identities.

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