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Growing a Family Through Adoption with Vanessa Royer, Part 1

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Vanessa Royer
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About the Episode

This month, Delise and Ginny sit down (literally, our first-ever in-person episode!) with the incredible Vanessa Royer to talk about adoption, music, homeschooling, and so much more. You’ll discover insights into all things adoption, from the meaning behind the word “adoption” and examples in Scripture to navigating the complicated legal process and a new, popular method called embryonic adoption. Vanessa also shares about her own wild adoption story, her biological children’s relationships with her adoptive children, her advice for parents pursuing or praying about adoption, how inviting new members into your family can completely expand your worldview and empathy, ways to embrace and encourage the cultural heritage of your adoptive children, and why homeschool Christian families are the best families equipped to pursue adoption. Also, passionate about and exceptionally talented in music, Vanessa discusses the role music plays in her life and family, her secrets to making the home a more musical place, and why moms should spend more time pursuing their own passions, whether in art or in business. It’s a longer-than-usual episode (check out the in-person interview on our YouTube channel!), but the conversation is rich, fun, and bursting with takeaways for any mom. We hope you enjoy!

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